Rodolfo Hernandez: Speech after going to the second round of the presidential election – Santander – Colombia

He is confident of winning the second round. This is how engineer Rodolfo Hernandez showed himself during his short speech on Sunday after learning the election results, where He received just over 5,900,000 votes, 2,600,000 fewer than Gustavo Petro, who was the election winner.

Hernandez, who appeared in a video that lasted no more than four minutes and saw a kitchen in the background, thanked the Colombians for their support, especially his followers, who were in Casa Nariño, his campaign headquarters. In Bucaramanga, where they showed the video.

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“With the vote received by my government’s proposal, the nation of action won today, and the nation of honesty won,” he said.

On the other hand, he affirmed, “A country that does not want to continue for another day is the same that led us to the painful situation in which we won today. We know today that there is a resolute citizen’s will to end corruption as a system of government. Today the country lost politics. Today they have lost the firmness that they thought would be an eternal government.”

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Followers of Rodolfo Hernandez.

The former mayor of Bucaramanga, who aspires to the presidency of the League of Rulers anti-corruption movement, expressed confidence in what would happen in the second round, which will be held on June 19, and said he would win.

He commented that he knows that when he “takes the presidency” there will be many challenges.

I am not naive about the resistance that will be there against a government that is bent on putting an end to politics and corruption, especially by some who feel they are the owners of this country. But I realize that it is the Colombian people who will accompany me in defending the decisions that I will have to make and that it is this people who will achieve victory in the second round,” he confirmed in the video, holding a piece of paper with the speech.

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finally too He thanked those who voted for him yesterday, and stressed that he will not rest in fulfilling his obligations.

“My commitment today and always will be to make Colombia a country of opportunity for all, where the government works every day for the welfare of Colombians, especially those who are in dire need of support. Thank you, Colombian men and women, I count on you to win the second round, so you will be able to The embodiment of that wonderful track that you voted for today,” he affirmed.

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Hernandez, who served as mayor of Bucaramanga between 2016 and 2019, acknowledged the registrar’s work on Sunday.. It is considered that the results were accurate, tangible, spontaneous, fast and safe. “Thank you very much, Mr. Registrar, long live Colombia,” the candidate concluded.

The country that does not want to continue with the same one that led us to the painful situation we are in. There is a will to end corruption

Around 5 p.m., when the Registrar announced that 50 percent of the votes had been counted, hundreds of supporters of presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez began arriving at his campaign headquarters in Bucaramanga.

The headquarters of the campaign, which since its inauguration has been called Casa de Nariño, It is located in Carrera 28 with Calle 56 in Bucaramanga. There they installed a giant screen where the presidential candidate was to give his speech. Between five and six the party began at the campaign headquarters.

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Every minute more people arrived, and even singers were coming to celebrate Hernandez’s passage to the second round. People celebrated Santander’s arrival in the second round of the presidential election. “It’s time for Casa de Nariño to smell like a big ass ant,” the candidate’s supporters shouted in the chorus.

According to Oscar Jair Hernandez, director of the Conservative League, the candidate did not arrive at his headquarters due to security issues.

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