Rodolfo Hernandez confirms his meeting with Sergio Fajardo: elections – presidency – elections 2022

With 99.95% of tables informed, Rodolfo Hernandez, the presidential candidate of the Governors Anti-Corruption League, went into the second round with 5,952,968 votes (28.15%).. Now, on June 19, he will have to face the historic charter candidate, Gustavo Petro, who received 40.32% (8.526,787 votes).

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After learning these results, the engineer and businessman spoke this Sunday with journalist Angela Patricia Gagnot and referred to the results of the first round: “This is the result of a conscientious act. Completely rational,” he said, stressing the absence of any of their votes. It was purchased.”

In the interview, Hernandez talked about the approaches he took with the other candidates after the results. Regarding Sergio Fajardo, he confirmed that he had already contacted him. As he said, they agreed to “talk next week, Wednesday or Thursday.” “What we want is support and we will not let them down,” he noted..

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He also commented that he called Federico Gutierrez: “Unfortunately, he was in a meeting with the people who helped him and we could not talk. But he already realized that I called him and tomorrow (Monday) with time and calm we will invite you to support the philosophy that people voted for today.”

however, The candidate ruled out alliances with traditional political parties.

“No. We’re not going to make alliances because I’m registered as a freelancer. It’s not my commitment.” Instead, he explained, “We will receive support for the government’s philosophy and I will be the implementer of that philosophy to move the country forward together.”

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On the other hand, Gagnot asked Hernandez how he plans to defeat Gustavo Petro. In the first place, he admitted: “In the second round I have to work.” However, he pointed out that He will continue “with the same discourse that we do not lie to citizens. This is our talk to convince them and get them excited and that they act like this and vote like today.”

His bet, he said, is “a government that will act with moral and aesthetic reasoning as we did in the mayor’s office (Bucaramanga)”.

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The businessman admitted that “there are good things that we must preserve” in the country, but stressed that “other things must be corrected, such as removing all thieves who enter the Senate and the Senate and important positions in the executive branch . . .” In his words, “That is the goal. the supreme and the mandate given to me by the Colombians.”

Finally, he expressed that “today’s vote opens new hope”, so “we will not be in the slightest in devoting all our energy to being able to steer Colombia on the path we deserve.”

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See the full interview here.

Support from other candidates

After learning the results, the six candidates spoke. Currently, Federico Gutiérrez, who has received 5,057,858 votes (23.92%), and Enrique Gómez, who has received 50,528 votes (0.23%), have stated that they will support Hernandez’s campaign in the second round.

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For his part, Fajardo announced that he will meet this Monday with the other members of the Center for Hope coalition to take a position on what is coming in the elections.

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