Reason for arrest found against suspect in murder of two brothers after discussion among neighbors in Rio Piedras

On Sunday afternoon, a judge determined the reason for the arrest of a 44-year-old man on suspicion of murdering two brothers after an argument between neighbors in Rio Piedras, the Ministry of Justice said.

a Frank M Rivera Saldana Bail was set at $900,000 after six counts were filed, including two for first-degree murder and three for gun law violations.

The suspect was also charged with an additional charge of attempted murder, as he aimed at the other person and shot another man who was in the place, but he did not manage to hit him, he learned yesterday, Saturday, new day.

The Justice Organization stated that the accused “is not eligible for deferred bail” and therefore, being unable to lend the full amount specified, will be admitted to the Bayamon Correctional Complex.

The authorities have identified the victims as Dennis Pelter Vargas40 years old, and Nisbee Belter Vargas, 27 years. The country’s justice agency confirmed that both hold Dominican citizenship.

Frank M. Rivera Saldana faces several charges, including premeditated murder and attempted murder. (supplied)

high level music

The crime took place around noon yesterday, Saturday, in an alley at the intersection between Syracuse and Doss Streets at Parcel Hill Brothers in Rio Piedras.

According to investigations, the victims were in their home when Rivera Saldana approached them and they had an argument. Then the defendant fired several shots using a firearm.

At the scene, Dennis died. Meanwhile, Nizipi was taken to Rio Piedras Medical Center Hospital, where he died while receiving medical care.

Presenter Robert Rivera MirandaAssistant Commissioner of Criminal Investigation B police OfficeI previously reported that the first officers to arrive at the scene arrested Rivera Saldania.

“The suspect and the two victims were neighbors, and the suspect already had a pattern of previous discussions with the victims”Rivera highlighted Miranda, who added that the two dead were not armed.

A relative of the accused, known as Angel Luis Lopez Saldanaindicated that the numerous controversies would be related to the fact that the deceased listened to music at great volumes and ruled out that this was due to xenophobia.

“On Friday they were playing music at night. On Saturday morning they didn’t stop it. I don’t justify (what happened). I understand there were some aggravating factors that caused this situation. Personally, we have nothing (with the families of the victims). I dare to apologize. “.said the relative to Telenoticias, of Telemundo.

It was the judge who heard the case Glenn Velasquez Moralesof the San Juan District Court, and set the preliminary hearing for June 13.

The attorney general has been consulted in the case Ernest Cabrera And the agent Javier Jimenezattached to the San Juan Criminal Investigative Corps Homicide Division, to conduct the preliminary investigation.

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