Police: Two people were killed and 12 arrested in an operation in the resort of Punta Salinas

The killing of two people and the arrest of 12 were credits to an operation police Office Registered on Sunday evening, at the exit of the resort of Punta Salinas, in Toa Baja, against a criminal organization operating in Catania, according to the authorities.

police commissioner, Antonio Lopez FigueroaShe stated that the alleged members of the criminal group were at the resort. The police said that they intervened with them while they were leaving the place to prevent other citizens from being injured in the area.

The names of people who were arrested, the criminal charges they could face, or what each person’s role was within the organization were not provided.

“Specifically, at around 5:30 pm, these individuals leave. The moment they are stopped, they get out of the vehicles and start shooting at the police,” the official explained in a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 a.m.).

The agents repelled the aggression, as a result of which two members of the criminal organization were killed. No police officers were injured and no further details were given about how the accident occurred.

It was reported that during the police intervention, six automatic shooting guns were changed and six cars were seized, one of which was reported stolen and the other produced by break into the car.

According to Uniformada, the criminal organization is led by an individual who has been identified as Edwin Rivera Perezknown in the underworld as “Bobo”.

Presenter Robert Rivera MirandaAssistant Commissioner in the Investigation CommissionnHe is a criminal, he said on Monday to new day The authorities found an additional firearm in the wooded area where the initial intervention took place.

He added that besides the group of criminals, there was a minor under the age of 17, but no details were provided about her role, if any, within the organization.

The group is linked to multiple murders in Bayamon and Katano, in the urbanization of Levittown and in other areas.

The identity of the deceased was not officially identified, but the police indicated through written statements that one of them was under federal surveillance and had an arrest warrant for the removal of the restriction.

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