Organizational well-being in the eyes of companies

Hosted by Navarre on May 26th and 27th First State Conference on Health Companies ( The event was opened on its second day by the president of the Navarre community. Carmen Soler, Expert Advisor in Strategic Organizational Wellbeing, was responsible for presenting the event organized by Department of Economic and Commercial Developmentthat appeared 30 speakers, multidisciplinary professionals and Discussion tables that Strategic pillars of the new luxury culture.

The initiative analyzed topics such as “Happiness at work is a company’s duty? It is a topic he shared Carmen Martinez, Personnel Manager for the Water Unit and Happiness Leader at Mahou who highlighted that “Caring for the health and well-being of your company is a priority as part of a commitment to people” and emphasized that they pioneered having an area of ​​happiness, promoting actions such as the holistic plan, and promoting the club The Ikigai Initiative, which helps professionals work on their life purpose, promotes meetings Inspirational with experts from the world of happiness and a mindfulness program for managing stress and anxiety that improves productivity and attention span.”

in this line Cecilia Cole, Responsible for People of Value at Quinton Laboratories He presented the program developed by his company for the well-being of his team and his environment and highlighted happiness as one of the measures aimed at enhancing the welfare of workers.

Aurora Velez, Quality and Sustainability District Manager, Ocean Atlantic Explanation of the Healthy Ocean Initiative, a program that contains free actions to take care of your health: sports in the office, personal attention from a dietician, personal trainer, training in coordination of learning games, fruit in the office, promotion with markets to facilitate healthy purchases, etc., with the aim of making workers happy In their daily lives, listening to employees and giving them what they need.

last of The discussion tables for this conference were “Diversity as a Leverage for Health Organizations” that appeared in Chancellor Laura Rosselló Who talked about diversity as a lever for organisations, the age of longevity and how the demographic revolution will affect us in the near future. “In 2050, 1 in 3 Spaniards will be over 65 and how will that affect the business and business world,” Rosselló noted. It also analyzed issues such as age discrimination (the second leading cause in our country) and more specifically women over 45, top talent, multigenerational innovation, and the silver economy.

Sonia Ramirez, Amas Group Personnel Manager, address how the pandemic has affected workers and think about where we are and what we need as a result of a situation like the one we have been through. Take up psychological study as a guide to change, how to manage well-being from diversity and apply healthy practices.

Monica Lorge, Director of the People Department at Lefebvre He highlighted that “having diversity in organizations is a commitment and the benefits that it generates (improving retention and attracting top talent, influencing innovation and creativity, improving organizations’ brand image, team productivity and results). Lorgie noted that “organizations need diverse teams, interacting It includes people of different cultural origins, educational backgrounds, and ages, and why they do not interact with different capacities. Currently, organizations have to attract young talents, on the one hand, they have new training and skills that organizations need, but they also have to know how to retain and enhance top talent. This talent is of vital importance in organizations. In terms of gender diversity, we must act positively in the masculine or feminine sectors to make room for the unrepresented gender. With regard to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in organizations, apart from being a legal obligation, companies must contribute to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the world of work.”

Peppa Torres, CEO, Walkerpack MPL He stressed “the equal pay policy, Ford’s complete dedication, inclusion of workers with special abilities, and the importance of post-pandemic management and sustainability as central to any company’s work.”

Table “Well-being in business strategy. What is not measured does not exist. return on investment” was as participants Juan Carlos Saez de RosAnd the Director of Health and Wellness at Grupo Santalucía which emphasized that health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of conditions or diseases” as the World Health Organization states, and the need to be concerned about mental, emotional and organizational well-being. The program stands out by your side to accompany employees and family members to manage emotions in this time of uncertainty, with over 1,500 individual help sessions, 30 workshops with 700 participants, and 90 training content.

Pedro Jesús Gregorio, Director at Machining Luna Gregorio He noted that the indicators used in his company for qualitative emotional well-being reflect the overall feeling of the team. In his speech, he analyzed the concept of a healthy climate that provides confidence and peace of mind for workers and this leads to quality and agility at work.” He also highlighted strengths according to Hero Check (flexible schedules, communication and information, matchmaking, training) and actions taken to help others in the epidemic.

Carmen Naval, PRL Adidas He stressed, “A wellness strategy is one that focuses on people’s health from a holistic perspective, that is, in all its aspects. Physical, mental (psychological, social, emotional) and environmental dimensionsHe highlighted the support of his employees with the best possible tools, leadership, development and expertise in the workplace.

“The adidas employee strategy is centered around creating a culture and environment where our employees can thrive, succeed, feel a sense of belonging, and, ultimately, Enjoy coming to work. This strategy will help us grow and take adidas even further.

To comply with this strategy, from the field of health and safety of the company, at the local level, we have been working for years Health promotion through an internal program called “Healthy People in a Healthy Company”, It is based on 4 main pillars: sports, nutrition, rest and good humor (as an attitude), which helped to appreciate the physical and mental health of the team.

Today you are looking for holistic sense of healthWe are advancing on the path of wellbeing, and this is our current and future goal. So far, we have analyzed qualitative data and are currently working on identifying quantitative indicators that will allow us to promote an appropriate wellbeing strategy.”

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