Marilyn Castillo, a key figure in Rodolfo Hernandez’s campaign

Politics entered the life of Marilyn Castillo Torres because of the mysterious things of fate. He never looked for it. it’s more, His arrival as the Vice President’s formula for Rodolfo Hernandez can be interpreted as a competition of meritswhere his biography – sent by a relative through social networks – lost the credibility of the engineer.

The second step was to contact her. Marilyn, before entering the world of politics, was completely devoted to university pedagogy. Born in Cali on August 30, 1968, and raised in the La Pace neighborhood north of the city, she is the eldest of five sisters. He is of African descentWell, her mother is a black woman who was born in Buenaventura, Vale. In 1992 he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Santiago de Cali. At that time he taught her biology. She graduated and went back to the school she graduated from, Nuestra Senora del Pilar, to become a high school teacher.

For 11 years, he devoted himself to training young people, while studying industrial engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente. For the next few years he continued to devote himself to teaching, but this time university. She has held positions such as Dean of Engineering and Business Sciences, Vice Academic Adviser, and Dean in Charge of the Lumen Gentium Catholic University Foundation.

Marilyn has also completed her MBA and Management degree. His biography states that She received her PhD in Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, USA.He was Director of Strategic Initiatives and Vice President of Uniminuto University.

But his academic career does not stop there. In addition, she served as President of Uniminuto Virtual University and Distance, and previously worked as a contractor for the Ministry of Education. “I, Kalina, have studied all my life, because my parents have always worked to strengthen education in us, five women. I made a leap, a change, because Rodolfo Hernandez suggested a change of lifeHis tone is slow, interpretive and very academic. It is a stark contrast to the position of Rodolfo Hernandez.

Marilyn never loses her cool and her speech is based on the formula: Problem statement, example and solution. This is his way of communication and persuasion.


(Rodolfo) asked his followers to suggest options for the Vice President and A follower suggested my resume. A relative has always told me that I have a great talent for social life”, recalls Marilyn about his first approach to politics. After analyzing her biography, Rodolfo Hernandez called her.

It was a short, somewhat informal telephone interview. Five days later, he called her and, briefly from someone feeling confident, offered her to be his running mate. “It wasn’t an easy decision, I didn’t make it like a jump, I consulted with my family. My kids are 22 and 24, and they’ve said “We’re going to help the country, how great!” “When you bet, you do it to win,” Marilyn says.

By the time he got the call, he was working on an ambitious virtual education project. “I am delighted to make this decision because it is a transcendent moment for Colombia, as we present a transformation (…). Now I’ve been leading an education initiative where we hope to reach 25,000 students by 2025.

Education will be his biggest horse in the eventual government of Rodolfo Hernandez. As per her profile, she is a professional who is an expert in designing higher education curriculum. It also provides its services as a contractor and academic to the Ministry of Education. Marilyn Castillo has worked as a consultant, consultant and guest speaker at various national and foreign universities on education issues. Superior in default method and distance.

We need an educated country that finds other options for life, and ways of training that generate job opportunitiesentrepreneurship and that all those who commit crimes are provided with other opportunities to have a decent quality of life,” he emphasizes.

“We will support young people to give them participation, health, culture, sports, entrepreneurship and education. We will work with women to generate opportunities and make their own decisions on social, political and cultural matters. In addition, with my 32 years of experience in this sector, education will be a transversal process of transformation in Colombia.”

things of fate

On the other hand, Rodolfo Hernandez did not leave the ticket decision for the position of Vice President to chance. From the beginning, he wanted a 55-year-old woman from the regions to accompany him. Marilyn Castillo fully complies with the candidate’s expectations.

The strategy – although some consider it a minor and mediocre role – is just that It is Marilyn who brings the speech to the public squareSince Hernandez rejected this possibility from the first moment he announced his campaign.

Until today the formula of the vice president of the engineer Gather in small halls and meetings with academics, businessmen, and other political and economic figures To introduce the government’s plan.

“I am here today because engineer Rodolfo Hernandez believes in women. In Colombian women, workers and fighters, who build our society day in and day outTo get up early to work and build the future and the foundations of our families,” says Marilyn.

The return of Rodolfo’s expedition was not fate or random. While the engineer took over social media, Marilyn did a silent job on the ground. Can His pedagogical experience was able to deliver the message without much media noise, But with the certainty of persuading those who vote. So it was.

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