LIFE, the corporate public health digital platform for achieving a healthy lifestyle

LIFE is a platform for corporate wellness, Where the user can access a healthy lifestyle through digital resources ranging from training and introduction to Meditation and self-care And even access to specialists from Nutritionists, psychologists, health coaches and financial advisorsTo help them stand out both personally and professionally. Recently, they have reopened face-to-face classes in Peru, making them the most complete wellness members on the market. Life Fitness Pass, located in Peru, Mexico and Colombia, has successfully completed an operation that will allow him to expand his horizons.

The Peruvian startup, founded by three women, entered the market in its first round in search of investors, and managed to raise $600,000, of which $200 was in Average Equity next to RPP . groupwhose strategy remains the search for digital partners whose vision aligns with the goal of the said media company: “to advance the progress of Peruvians”.

With its innovative business model categorized as Market, the user not only has the flexibility to go to the gym closest to home or work, but also has access to all the online content if they wish. The startup was born during the pandemic, after its founders Alicia, Monica, Brenda and Philip decided to change their corporate-oriented business model with a focus on the culture and empowerment of their teams. The huge momentum has allowed them to win many competitions such as Startup Peru, Endeavor and most recently the Innovation Award, which helped them financially in promoting their new virtual offerings.

Among the main customers of LifeFitnessPass There are many companies such as Procter & Gamble, Entel and Auna, that contract with the platform to improve the mental and physical health of its customers and collaborators; Although there are members who can access individually. “Our platform understands that we are all different, which is why we offer the most flexible and diverse access on the market. In this way, we have, for the first time, the possibility to create a comprehensive health plan according to our needs and tastes,” said Alicia Vivanco, CEO and Founder of Startup. growth for LifeFitnessPass To international markets is now the company’s new target.

For his part, Francisco Navarro, Head of New Business Department at RPP . group, emphasized that the Group’s commitment responds to sharing the same vision of the founders, the same goal of promoting and engaging with people’s well-being. “This becomes even more important after I’ve been through a pandemic phase,” he said.

You can find Life Fitness Pass in the “Fitness Pass” app in the Apple Store or Google Play absolutely for free and start booking your sessions with the best fitness studios and professionals in Latin America.

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