Haitians are building a wall that will block the road to the Dominican Republic

construction work The first stage of the border wall Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic are moving in an accelerating fashion, Being the majority of Haitian workers, It is according to those responsible for the work Legal documents.

The engineer in charge of the work, Antonio Barra, stated that the concrete structure is very advanced, and then a cyclone fence will be built and then the trench wire. He said he’ll come later Smart part of the wall“, Consisting of Drones, night surveillance and other security measures.

Reporters from Listín Diario checked during a tour of the region that the business is progressing rapidlyalthough they didn’t work yesterday. A project supervisor explained that since it was Mother’s Day, they decided to give the workers a day off to share with their parents and other relatives.

However, Haitians, including mid-level officials, said that just as the Dominican Republic builds a wall, The Haitian authorities have the right massacre river channel, In the Pierrer region, between Fort Liberté and Cape Hitiano. “The Dominican Republic is building a border wall and when Haiti wanted to divert the waters of a massacre river, they created a scandal,” said Ondenleen Baptiste, a former Haitian assemblyman.

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