Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez qualify for the second round in Colombia | international | News

Leftist Gustavo Petro and populist Rodolfo Hernandez were the most voted candidates in the first round of Colombia’s presidential election on Sunday, and they will feud in the second round on June 19, according to data from the National Register that previously counted 94., 19% of the vote.

The historic charter candidate, Pietro, received 8,052,587 ballots, equivalent to 40.39%, followed by Hernandez’s surprise today with 5,580.237 votes with 27.99%.

The biggest loser of the day came in third place, former Medellin mayor Federico “Fico” Gutierrez of the right-wing coalition team of Colombia, who ranked second in the polls, but outperformed Hernandez, who rose to power. heels.

Gutiérrez received 4,780,765 votes, equivalent to 23.98%, and was succeeded by another former mayor of Medellín mired in this election, Sergio Fajardo, of the Centro Esperanza coalition, with only 842,467 ballot papers (4.22%).

Petro’s first position was expected because all polls indicated it, but his desire to win the presidency in the first round did not materialize because he did not reach the half plus one of the valid votes on Sunday.

Recent polls also gave engineer Hernandez, 77, a candidate of the Governors Anti-Corruption League, third place, but his vote has exceeded all expectations and will see Petro on the ballot in three weeks. (YO)

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