Food myths

Every 28th May we celebrate feeding daya history promoted by the World Health Organization, which is trying to raise awareness We feed ourselves properly So you have good health.

To celebrate the anniversary feeding dayIn this article, we will provide a series of tips and recommendations to follow healthy and balanced diet, Meanwhile, we will review it False Nutrition Myths that have been passed down from generation to generation. Take note!

Nutrition Day: Tips for eating a healthy and balanced way

A healthy diet is necessary to prevent risk factors Diet-related, such as overweight and obesity; As well as comorbidities.

First of all, the ideal way to have a balanced diet is plan meals. With the daily menu, it is easy to distribute the weekly portions and to have a proper daily diet. This way we avoid taking the first thing we see in the fridge or buying precooked food.

in second place, Fruits and vegetables should be a staple in your diet. It is recommended to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day (for example, 3 fruits and 2 servings of vegetables). In the case of fruit, it is best to eat it whole and with its skin in order to benefit from all the nutrients and fiber it has to offer.

The Fish, eggs and white meat (eg chicken, turkey and rabbit) foods that are good for your body. Do not forget that foods of animal origin are the main source of protein and vitamin B12.

Finally, Cut down on foods high in fat, salt, and sugarLook at the food labels at the supermarket and see for yourself. Excessive consumption of saturated fats, sugar and/or salt can have negative health effects.

Feeding Day: False Food Myths

The popular beliefs They are affirmations passed down from generation to generation You don’t have any scientific accuracy. On many occasions, they have taken certain “facts” about food and nutrition that are not true at all. Do you want to review some of these? False myths about food? Aim, shoot!

Eating too many eggs per week is bad for your health. This statement is completely wrong. Eggs are a versatile product with multiple benefits for our health: they provide us with proteins, minerals and vitamins. So you don’t have to worry because You can eat all the eggs you want throughout the week, There is no set limit to the well-being of your body.

Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach helps burn body fat. This is one of the most widespread false myths about food among the population. There are no foods by themselves that burn body fat. If you want to get rid of excess fat simply Increases energy consumption through physical exercise.

Drinking water with meals makes you fat. yes Water contains 0 caloriesWhat difference does it make when consumed? It does not matter take it during or after meals, in any case we will not eat calories.

“After the milk nothing you throw”. This is one of the phrases we have heard a lot over the years and it is a completely uncertain belief. Milk is cut off in the stomach during digestion To be digested there are no foods that cut milk because it cuts itself naturally.

Now you know, follow a A healthy and balanced dietStay hydrated, say goodbye to false myths about food and physical exercise moderately. If you perform all these actions on an ongoing basis, your health will thank you. ¡Happy Feeding Day 2022!

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