Federico Gutierrez voted in Medellin, the city he saw him rule

The candidate of the Colombian team, Federico Gutierrez, approached Sunday morning, May 29, to exercise his right to vote enshrined in the Political Constitution of Colombia.

The man arrived in Medellin very calmly and with certainty that he could be one of the most voted politicians who aspire to become the next head of government. The city in which he was born and where he was the mayor.

Gutiérrez arrived after 10:00 AM at INEM José Félix Restrepo School, A public education institution located in the neighborhood of El Poblado, in the city of eternal spring.

Since his arrival at this place, the candidate has felt the support of the citizens who believe in his government’s proposal.

He arrived with his wife Margarita Gomez and son Pedro. He waved to the people who were waiting for him, and walked among the crowd and Then approach Table No. 13.

Fico, a civil engineer, first showed his son Pedro’s card and then presented it to the whole country. after, after, He spoke at this point as he cast his voice amid shouts of applause and continued to say: “It is very important that we can follow Colombia, we do not need more hate speech, we are a family (…) we will win, we will unite the country, we will do many things in a different way to beat corruption (…) Today we felt a great atmosphere in “Take care of democracy and wait for results as a family,” said the 47-year-old politician from Antioquia.

He also confirmed that he would invite all politicians from other parties to talk about the government, adding, “We will join all sectors to foster democracy.”

Federico Gutierrez was one of the candidates for the presidency who managed to assemble large blocs of citizens who are looking for a new leader for the country. His proposal revolved around imposing public order and fighting corruption. In fact, he spoke to him on several occasions week And on Friday, May 27, all Colombians shared his last words.

Speaking from his experience, the man showed himself as a family politician: “I ask God for Colombia, for all families.”

Similarly, Team Colombia’s candidate told voters: “I have faith, but faith with confidence that we have done our duty, that we have carried out a respectful campaign, with proposals; facing people the way I like. I invite people to join us in this process, because Colombia really needs to make changes, I am aware of this, and of course I am the one who is in the territories and understand them: there are things that cannot go on like this,” specified a man from Antioquia.

For the politician, issues such as poverty, abandonment of the state, corruption, violence, and difference due to the pain of others must be eliminated. For this reason, he himself considers the change that Colombia needs.

“I mean that change is for the better and that is what I want to devote myself to; to doing things well, to uniting the country,” the presidential candidate noted, with his thanks for the affection and support he received from various sectors and volunteers, hoping that on Sunday he would get the votes that He needs her to be one of the most victorious at the polls.

It is important to note that polling stations are open from 8:00 a.m. and voting can take place until 4:00 p.m., according to the National Registry.

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Where will Federico Gutierrez get the results?

Presidential candidate, Vico Gutierrez, will receive the election results on Sunday, May 29, in Bogota.

The 47-year-old politician with his wife Margarita Gómez, children, family, campaign team, volunteers and other people who will accompany him at El Cubo Colsubsidio, specifically in the Believe Room on the first floor will be among the most important. The capital’s Business and Leisure Center, located at Race 30 #52-77.

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