Dominguez Brito thinks there is an alliance between Lionel and Abenader

He has more sense of humor than he seems at first glance. His collaborators prefer to call him Francisco: Dominguez Prieto is very tall and appeals to his previous positions. Now he is a candidate for president of the PLD party and those who arrived are called Danilo, Luis, Hipólito, Leonel…without titles.

There are only five months left for the PLD to choose its candidate for 2024.

Are the accusations against the party leader’s family members a reputational problem for the PLD?

No way.

-what is the situation?

PLD undergoes two processes. One has to do with institutional strengthening. President Danilo Medina’s party began the swearing-in process in the provinces in the face of this reinforcement. The second process is the preparation for the internal consultations in October.

How does your strategy deal with the issue of corruption?

On the subject of corruption, everyone has to take responsibility. If someone makes a mistake, we expect them to respect due process.

– How is the issue dealt with in the rules?

PLD is a party of honest people, the majority working. If you look at it, there are very few leaders that, in general, have been referred to in court. And even those identified, some of them deserve to have their cases reviewed, such as Dr. Hidalgo. But the most important thing is that the PLD must feel that it should not lower its head and that if someone makes a mistake, they must take responsibility.

“Who are they competing with?” Lionel or PRM?

In principle, I see a alliance Between Lionel and Benader. he is alliance It was created for the last elections and built little by little and is maintained even by the choice of opponents.

Is it a strategy to choose each other as opponents?

Sure, it’s a file alliance What do they do with appointments in jurisdictions, alliances in the National Congress with the aim of managing the budget, the National Council of the Judiciary…there alliance But PLD is very rooted and powerful. It is true that as a result of government attacks, some cases that occurred led to withdrawals, but today we feel strongly about one goal: to always win in the first round as we do.

– The PLD was said to be an “electoral machine”. Is it still?

that it. A political party that does something every day, rest assured that it is a wonderful mechanism rooted in people’s hearts. There are 40 years of tradition that cannot be erased overnight.

– They lost in 2020, but Gonzalo got a good number…

38% are the ones who drove out the Democratic Liberation Party, and this power is still there. There was a split that damaged PLD and normal depletion. There was a result of this wear and tear of perceptions of arrogance. But many of these things have been corrected and many things that are not true have been proven.

– What do you think of the PRM government?

I feel like they’re in a bubble, and they think social networks and bots shape people’s opinion. They have lost the sensitivity of the poor who today have difficulty eating. Among those with life expectancy with those medications for catastrophic diseases, many AIDS patients had problems taking retroviruses. There has been an increase in cases of leprosy … they do not feel it because they are the poorest people. One realizes that it is a government that lives in Lincoln and Churchill.

– He has a very harsh view of the government…

One feels that it is the government of the rich and does not feel what they are going through. I can give you examples: crèches for the poorest. Or the 911 issue which is really sensitive and I’m telling you from experience. When 911 comes, we meet 2 hours 3 hours a week with the Secretary of the Presidency for two years, and we just review the times. Everything that happened has been reviewed. Ambulances, technicians, cases and hospitals were reviewed. People think it’s easy but it’s very complicated because the variables are huge. Now they left it to the general, who could not do it alone without this structure. The government must focus.

“Don’t you see anything good?”

naturally. I think there are a lot of good people with good intentions. I think the president is a working man. In many areas the effort is being made and I will not skimp on it. It also has many officials very seriously. Unusual cum. It wasn’t a surprise to me because I knew her.

Is the PRM party fighting corruption?

I have seen many cases of corruption or assumptions and denunciations in this government but it has not progressed. For example with the Ministry of Education, the rumors are huge and I have not seen the investigation by the Public Prosecution Office and this gives, if not suspicion, at least distrust.

“The government will answer that it is not protecting anyone.”

no one. None of the ones I mentioned to you were sent for investigation. I can keep listing you because I’ve seen it. The Inabie thing is crazy not to mention the cases of sworn acknowledgments of assets. But if I told you that drug smuggling cases…

“There are more drug objections than ever before.

obsessed. drug trafficking issues related to Policy and government party financing issues.

“Do you have proof?”

All of them, some of them are simply detained and handed over.

Are you referring to the case of the deputy??

This one, and the case of the other in La Vega is another.

– Were you surprised by the police crisis?

No, I’ve said a thousand times that you have to start from scratch with the police. I would do with the investigative police and gradually continue to wear the uniform. I would like to put a polygraph every six months even for those who deal with a polygraph. Performance appraisal system, training.

“I feel like they’re in a bubble, and they think social networks and bots determine what people think.” “

“Is there no way to recover the existing one?”

There is no way I know what to do. We did a kind of project out of 40 people. It was a nice project because the FBI came in and put us back and trained us. I would have done something similar with 3000 people. I will make a new decreme without changing the law at all, just willingly. I said I would form a new investigative police within a year. They tell me no, but you can: AMET was an interesting example of pride and it worked. I want a police officer who is proud to be one of them.

—Do you handle reliable surveys? How is it going?

Our polls show that the PLD is very close, and that there are too many undecided voters. PLD already has thirty percent. It’s very difficult, and the president still has the benefit of the doubt, but there are still a lot of empty promises. They can’t show much now. If you mean the internal process, then when we vote to vote, I feel like I’m going to win the poll.

(For the record… the information about who finished second in this indoor tournament was unofficial…)

– In the remaining time, what scenario do you anticipate?

I anticipate a strengthening of the PLD, and even greater polarization with PRM next year. At the end of the year the population will realize that PRM does not know how to govern. Look how they wasted so much time, the year of the pandemic was to sit back and think about reforming the education system.

– It is said that PLD does not recover in four years, and that it needs eight …

No, I have been a politician for many years and one can see that. They are so afraid of him that we announced the regional events and the president did the same two or three days later.

– Will they create a problem with JCE? Do they preach after the deadline?

The Council issued a regulation and we are committed to it. Thank you for the way you conveyed it to us and everything adapts to what you indicate.

Constitution reform?

“It seems inappropriate to me and that his background is not very healthy: greater control of ‘government in justice.’ They are proposing the control of the Constitutional Court: to be attorney general for six years but elected by Congress now that they have a majority in Congress, Thus it is not depoliticized. I would say that if we want real reform, the National Council of the Judiciary should be expanded so that it is less political, adding the president of the Constitutional Court, university presidents, former presidents of the Supreme Court, and mechanisms to make them less political. I believe in a second wave of Judicial reform, I will dare to have a larger discussion to right the wrongs. We have achieved a lot and highlight the achievements of Judge Sobero, who was an extraordinary man, and the leader of the German Democratic Republic and Latin America.”

Ines Eisbein is a Dominican and Spanish journalist. She is currently the Director of Diario Libre. He received the Caonabo de Oro Prize, the Fundación Corripio de Comunicación Prize for his career, and the Teobaldo Prize from the Navarra Association of Journalists.

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