Clinic Martín del Yerro “Amselem” has opened its own nutrition service

This review service makes it possible to enhance the results of treatments in aesthetic medicine and assist in the recovery of plastic surgery patients.

Martín del Yerro “Amselem” Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine has opened a new cross-sectional nutrition service for those patients who wish to obtain medical advice to reduce the recovery time of their surgeries, preserve the results obtained through medical-aesthetic treatments or go directly to the field For advice related to nutrition, whether medical diseases or slimming treatments.

New Nutrition Service Born with the aim of offering the patient the best tools to get the best results in all treatmentsknowing that Nutrition is an essential aid in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

For the first time in Madrid, the synergies of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and nutrition have combined to offer a comprehensive service to its patients. The results of treatments are enhanced by monitoring and caring for the nutrition of each patient.

The new nutrition service is based on three pillars that allow patient analysis and provide customized results to suit each need: Study of genetic nutrition and microbiotaAnd the blood study s Study of metabolism and body composition.

At Martin del Yerro Amselem, we are two teams of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery that were first integrated in Spain, and now we also offer a new nutrition service. The combination allows us to make an accurate diagnosis and provide personalized treatment using results based on nature”, says José Luis Martín del Yiro, Director of the Surgical Unit at Martín del Liro Clinic “Amsilm”.

Diagnostic stents
through genetic nutrition study Very valuable and scientifically accurate information can be obtained on the predisposition to lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, appetite control and satiety, predisposition to infections, cardiovascular risk, food intolerance, and the state of microorganisms.

Using this data, the patient can be helped to incorporate changes in his life habits, including optimization of microorganisms to avoid gene expression of many altered genes that would lead to the development of diseases.

thanks for the blood study You can find out what state the patient is in and assess the blood count values; Biochemistry; vitamins D, B12; metals. proteins. hormones. Anticoagulants and anti-glaucoma – celiac disease – if necessary to prepare the patient for plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine treatments.

The Study of metabolism and body composition It is performed by impedance measurement, which allows within a few minutes to obtain an analysis of the patient’s body composition, which includes muscle mass, fat mass and visceral fat mass, allowing analysis of cardiovascular and basic metabolic risks, as well as total energy expenditure to determine the ideal weight and position Nutrition protocols.

Likewise, an application is available that is installed on the patient’s mobile phone so that he can more easily control the food he eats, as well as the calories he eats for better results.

From Martín del Yerro Amselem, we are very proud to offer the Nutrition Service, a comprehensive service that helps us prepare the body when performing plastic surgery and when we want to prolong the effects of aesthetic medicine treatments. Over time”, Dr. Moisés Amselem, Director of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit at Martín del Yerro “Amselem”, adds: “Patients are our priority and we are committed to providing them with the best treatments, accompanying them throughout the process.”

Nutrition protocols
From Martín del Yerro “Amselem, many nutrition protocols are designed to respond to patients’ needs whether combined with aesthetic medicine treatment, post-plastic surgery or personalized treatment directly in the field of nutrition.

“We take care of our body with aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery treatments, but we also have a great ally, which is food,” says Dr. Vidales, head of the nutrition service at Martín del Yerro Amselem. “The foods we eat throughout the day reflect the condition of our skin.” And our body. We have certain foods in nature that are firming, antioxidants, restoratives, etc. that are essential in our diet, and that your food is your medicine.”

The customized protocols provided by the clinic’s nutrition service, under medical supervision, include weight management therapies, adjuvant body and facial treatments, and protocols for gastroenterology and menopause treatments.

In the Weight control treatments Programs are offered before and after weight loss surgeries, tightening, draining, purification, preoperative and postoperative consultations with complementary support of oral micro-nutrition.

Other protocols offered by the clinic are Auxiliary body and face treatmentsDiet plans for cellulite, intravenous medication, anti-aging, skin elasticity and firmness, etc. With the complementary contribution of micro-nutrition.

In addition, it offers Treatments in tracking Gastrointestinal Diseases With programs tailored to each patient, and lasting from 4 to 8 sessions to treat diseases like dysbiosis, intolerance, candidiasis, SIBO, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc. The study of microorganisms is carried out to correct diseases and is supplemented by an adapted micro-nutrition of Oxyform and Ysonut.

Likewise, the other treatment provided by the clinic is protocol menopause For women who suffer from hot flashes or who are well aware of the importance of strengthening their bones, hormonal balance or sleep disturbance.

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