Bebka: On Danilo’s investigation “wait for the results”

Chief Prosecutor specialized in administrative corruptionBibka), Wilson Camacho said, Monday, that he will not provide details about opening an investigation against the former president Daniel MedinaHowever, he called the public to wait for the results.

“I don’t give details of Research Open. Now we have Research It must be evaluated by the results. Wait for results ResearchJudge Camacho responded after being asked by the press about the revelation made by court counsel, Myrna Ortiz.

Last week, the Litigation Coordinator of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Administrative Corruption, Myrna Ortiz, confirmed that an investigation is open against Daniel MedinaAlthough, he said, “not enough items were found.”

(Madina) He has not been questioned, we are investigating. The investigation directed at a former chief has different limits, has a different burden of proof, and was mentioned in the operations, because all these operations took place under his administration, and undoubtedly in one way or another affected what he was practicing his presidency. The Public Prosecution official said.

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