At 30.83% initial positivity rate for COVID-19

Initial positive rate COVID-19 This Monday sits at 30.83%, according to the data portal for Ministry of Health.

As of Sunday afternoon, the data was at 30.45%. In addition, it is the second period with the highest positivity in the two years of the epidemic, surpassed only by the peak recorded during the wave before omicron variable Last January, when it reached 39.1%.

The World Health Organization (The World Health Organization) recommends a positivity of 5%, while experts in Puerto Rico suggest 3%.

secondly, And the number of people hospitalized with this disease was 348, which is 29 fewer patients during the past 24 hours.

Through a tweet, Health specified that the total is divided into 304 adults and 44 pediatric patients.

On a date like today, two months ago, the number of adults hospitalized with COVID-19 was 36, Four of them are being held in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Meanwhile, health indicated that no additional deaths due to the virus have been reported, so this line remains at 4,359.

So far in May, 141 deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded, most (93) in the group of 80 years or older. The daily average of deaths is up to four.

Ago Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA, in English) has authorized the use of vaccines against COVID-19, and the scientific and medical community has confirmed that the drug did not prevent infection with the virus, but it reduced the chances of suffering from severe symptoms and death.

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