Announcing the winners of the factory tender in Manzanillo

federations Hina Investment Corporation s Manzanillo Energy The winners of the tender for the construction of a terminal and two natural gas plants located in Manzanillo, Montecristi County, which will contribute 800 MW.

The two factories will provide 700 job opportunities during the construction period, and their investment will reach $1700 million, a figure according to the president Louis Abenaderis less energy and cheaper than energy Catalina Point.

Hina Investment Corporation It won the auction for the construction of Box 1, which consists of 400 megawatts and the gas station. The specified price was 8.84 cents per kilowatt-hour.

at the same time Manzanillo Energy Consortium It won the bid for Block 2 of a single plant at 5.82 cents per kilowatt-hour.

A third consortium submitted its bid but did not qualify. In all, 16 unions gave artistic performances, but three of them gave economic performances.

The results of the tender, which started in May 2021 and were monitored by technical advisors, international companies, committees and university presidents, were presented during a press conference chaired by President Abenader. Anthony Almonte, Minister of Energy and Mines; EDE Executives and other participants.

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The stations must start within six months after contracts are signed, and will be completed within 42 months. It will consist of modern turbines, which, in addition to running on natural gas, can do so using liquid hydrogen, according to the government.

Abenader: A doctor at the level of developed countries

President Abenader said that the government plans in general to generate two thousand megawatts from 2022 to 2026, which is sufficient to cover the deficit and has a reserve of 15%, similar to the developed countries.

“Manzanillo will be a gas station and with an investment much less than the more than three billion spent by a smaller plant in Punta Catalina and at the expense of the state budget and debts”Louis AbenaderPresident of the Republic

The head of state said that three electric highways are being built: one of 345 kilowatts, from Manzanillo to Guayubin and from Guayuben to El Narango, Santiago.

Similarly, the tender for the construction of the 345 kV line from San Pedro Macoris to Guaira is in progress and the tender for the construction of the 345 kV line from Catalina Point At the 15th kilometer from Azua.

The ruler specified that the purpose is to Electric system It has sufficient capacity to discharge and transmit all the energy that will be produced by the above mentioned factories and power projects.

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