AMLO confirms Ebrard’s help if not all countries are invited – El Financiero

This was confirmed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Marcelo Ebrard will attend top of the americas On behalf of the Government of Mexico, in the event that the United States decides Do not invite all countries of the continent To the event to be held June 6-10 in Los Angeles, California.

During Monday’s morning press conference, the president indicated that he is still waiting official reply From the US government to its proposal not to exclude anyone. This, though Kevin O’Reillythe event coordinator, stated last week that “Under what conceptNeither Nicaragua nor Venezuela will be invited to the summit.

We are waiting for a response. We understand that President (Joe) Biden is busy and worried about what happened in TexasKilling children and young people and that keeps him busy. I think it’s because of this circumstance Can’t give us an answer,” said AMLO of the National Palace.

“It is very clear. If all countries are invited, I will attend the summit. If not all countries are invited, the Secretary of State, Marcelo Ebrard, will attend on behalf of the government.‘, was sentenced.

In this context, the Chief of the Executive Authority confirmed that I still have time to receive a official reply from the US and could wait until next week.

no rushFortunately here with our compatriots, friends and neighbors of Los Angeles, Is access to Tijuana and two hours by road or direct. If he goes further, we will have to prepare more, but no, If it is resolved, let’s go‘,” said Lopez Obrador.

there is time And we trust him (Joe Biden) and we’ll wait.”

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