Alberto Fernandez spoke with Nicolas Maduro and promised to defend the presence of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua at the Summit of the Americas

Last Friday from Havana, Nicolas Maduro tweeted from his account that something was already cooking.

He said he used the platform of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America (ALBA) to thank “The Bold Statements of the President of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States”Alberto Fernandez. “His (Fernandez’s) voice will be one of the strongest questioning exclusion and trying to divide Latin America and the Caribbean,” he said. He was sentenced to “All our support!”

It was reported by official sources Maduro and Fernandez spoke last Thursday. That day Fernandez also spoke with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Maduro’s Twitter message gave the fact that The Argentine president promised that he would be the decisive voice in the framework of the Summit of the Americas to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua It was announced by the Joe Biden government, which will host the Meeting of American States in Los Angeles, June 6-10.

At this point, with all the plans he has already made and which he has also canceled, Alberto Fernandez should confirm in the next few hours that he will attend the Summit of the Americas, in Los Angeles, from June 6-10.

Similarly, the president Still hesitant to accept the invitation To the summit that came to him a week ago and talked about it last Thursday in Casa Rosada with Christopher Dodd, Joe Biden’s envoy.

Accepting an invitation also means keeping a promise Defending the presence of the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in Los Angeles against the President of the United States.

That is why he promised not only with Maduro but with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, last Thursday. It was after Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero passed through Mexico City.

The government promised this Sunday a “A different discourse of integration. With the need for all countries to be present” at the Summit of the Americas. As CELAC president, Fernandez must now double down on Biden, Lopez Obrador, and pivot to Havana, Caracas and Managua.

Biden decided not to invite the leaders of these three regimes. Technically, the procedure is controversial because a country plagiarizes the right of who it invites and who it does not to the summit mechanism where everyone should be. But he did so protected by the fact that there are three regimes without democracy, with political prisoners and a fierce suppression of dissent.

The decision that Biden continues to maintain unleashed an unprecedented revolution in the region led by Lopez Obrador and Fernandez. The Mexican warned that he would not go if three countries were not invited for it – Bolivia and Caracas’ allies in the space known as Caricom also threatened in the same direction. Alberto F. continues to think about it.

In recent days, the government has been involved in a series of trials and errors. Created by Alberto F The Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations (CELAC) meeting in Los Angeles Americas before Biden.

Cafiero stated from the Secretary of State’s Office that it would “only be breakfast or dinner” for the CELAC members present. They sought to deactivate the idea of ​​a counter-summit “already proven even in the official media in Buenos Aires, Havana and Caracas.

From Mexico, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard ruled it out and no country has jumped on the idea. Furthermore, between coming and going, Dodd passed through Brasilia and got Jair Bolsonaro to assure that he would make a gift at the top of the Americas. Being a friend of Republican Donald Trump, the Brazilian will now maintain his first duet with Biden.

In an interview with reporters on Saturday, Lopez Obrador recounted his conversation on Friday with Alberto F. He said they spoke “about the presence of nations” at the Summit of the Americas. And that the Argentine asked him a question that did not reveal its content, but said that there was an agreement “not to hold a parallel summit in the United States, but In the event that the invitation of all countries is not accepted, speaking (Alberto Fernandez) as president of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, we do not agree with exceptions.”

This Sunday, journalist Horacio Verbitsky’s website, El Cohete a la Luna, provided details of what would have been a tense encounter between Alberto F. Thursday with Christopher Dodd and Ambassador Mark Stanley.

Clarion In Washington, he inquired about the idea of ​​a counter-summit in the State Department as well as in the White House. There were no comments.

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