5-Year Government Reserves From AICM “On Air” Reports – El Financiero

Amidst a series of accidents and reports of an increase in miscarriage of landfall in Mexico City International Airport (AICM)The government imposed a five-year information lock on these measures.

In response to a request for information you provided FinanceThe government considered that if these reports were made public, some articles of the Civil Aviation Law would be violated.

The Capital Airport emphasized that “if information is disclosed, the provisions of the above-mentioned articles (78 bis 4 to 78 bis 8) of the LAC will be violated, because the purpose of the Operational Safety Management System is not punitive.”

The go to the air be Safety procedures in which aircraft thwart their landing For various reasons, whether because of the weather, earthquakes, or because the runway on which another plane is expected to land, as happened a few weeks ago with two Volaris planes.

Despite an increase in air accidents, including some going into the air in response to a lack of technician training, as well as airport saturation, the National Association of Air Traffic Controllers (Sinacta) noted that “not everything that happens on the air is security events or events, to the contrary. Soto ensure maximum safety they go into the air“.

Two weeks ago, there were 12 flights within two hours at AICM, all of which were due to wind shear.

José Covarrubias, Sinacta’s general secretary, explained that “the shear – a sudden change in the intensity or direction of the wind – causes instability in the flight, and for the sake of safety, it is best to go through the air to avoid any possibility of suffering from any mishap.”

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