The price of the dollar today, June 20, the peso opens a week with advance

The price of the dollar today, June 20, the peso opens a week with advance

Today, Monday June 20, 2022, the dollar is trading at 20.2730 pesos per unit with a real-time downtrend. The peso gained 8.03 cents against the spot dollar interbank to settle at 20.2786 compared to the previous settlement on Friday. Banxico (20.3589). On this day, the exchange rate rose. According to economist Gabriella Seiler, today’s limited … Read more

The United States: the effects of the recession or forced decline of Colombia – sectors – economy

The winds of recession in the largest economy on the planet, the United States, are blowing with increasing force, fueled by the decision last Wednesday of the Central Bank of that country (the Federal Reserve) to adjust its reference rates upwards at rates we have not seen. Since 1994, it has left it at 1.5 … Read more

The Chinese regime banned Tesla cars in the city where the leaders of the communist government will meet

Tesla models in Shanghai (Reuters) The Tesla cars will be banned from the coastal region of Beidaihe in Chinahosts our annual Secret Summer Leadership Conference, for a period of at least two months starting July 1 Reuters A local traffic police officer. The decision of the Beidaihe authorities comes after a few weeks Tesla cars … Read more

“I no longer receive payments in bitcoin. If they want to buy me, let it be in dollars.”

Some companies in central San Salvador have stopped transacting with this cryptocurrency as its value is also depreciating internationally. One year after the announcement and approval of the bitcoin law, several companies in downtown San Salvador have removed their “accept bitcoin” signs and their employees are confirming a downtrend in transactions. “Now I no longer … Read more

WhatsApp countries, the new update will force them to see them

one of the platforms instant message Most used every day by millions of people around the world The WhatsAppeither through messages, photos, videos, voice notes, video calls, etc. This platform offers its users many advantages, including: Modernization Constantly to add new Functions and toolswhich are well seen and accepted most of the time. WhatsApp states … Read more

Human trash has been discovered on Mars, but NASA’s explanation leaves questions unanswered

A piece of human trash has been found on Mars, and as embarrassing as it sounds, at least not a cigarette butt. NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover announced the “surprising” discovery on Wednesday, June 15, as it shared images showing what appears to be a square of aluminum foil stuck between rocks. Scientists think they know … Read more

Confirmed: Fewer families are eligible to buy a home in Puerto Rico

Affordable Housing Index prepared by the Technical Studies Corporation (ETI) It fell in March of this year, after a continuous increase in housing prices and deteriorating purchasing power due to inflation, making it difficult for families to qualify for it. Mortgages. “In recent months, the affordable housing index has deteriorated 69% in March 2022, down … Read more

Mercedes-Benz, Yalin’s escape, and Anuel’s absence, AA

Yailin La Más Viral, wife of Anuel AA, continues to talk about a recent video in which she shows off everything from a luxury Mercedes to an impressive getaway, the trap king who has appeared in his absence. Do not miss it… Jun 19, 2022 at 11:24 am Anuel AA next to the singer Yailin … Read more

For sale a restaurant in Kentucky created by the founder of KFC | finance

Shelbyville, Kentucky. For sale is a restaurant that KFC founder Harland Sanders created for his wife decades ago. Claudia Sanders Diner House in Shelbyville, KentuckyIt was launched on the market last week, media outlets reported, citing a statement from listing agents describing the restaurant and the nearly 25,000-square-foot banquet hall. Six Degrees Real Estate is … Read more